Season 2 Episodes Edit

Welcome to Season 2!

Evil Ice Woman Pushes Down Grandma

Cheezit Meltdown Man

Crazy Baseball Dad Hits Ref and then a Homerun

Just Jeremy: Balloon Animals

Just Jeremy: Scisson Safety

Just Jeremy: Disguise

Just Jeremy: Secrets Revealed

Just Jeremy: T-Rex Art

Exploring Backstage

Just Jeremy: Sci-Fi Movies

VISCIPAM: Little Man Syndrome


Just Jeremy: How to Mustache

Franny Goes to War


El Tango de Chair

Ann Withers Goes Door to Door

Real Life Indian in the Cupboard

Downton Drama

Gossip PSA

More Famous Last Words


Bollyside Story

Pinata Diaries

Q's Replacement

Williamson Dishwasher

The Drop

Breathy Laugh

The End of Awkward Avoidance Viking

Cut the Wire

Cursed Cursive


Mr. Eckelstone's Hunting Trip

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Peter Pan's Shadow

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Football


Last Will and Testament

Robbing Roger Tounge Twister

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Class Reunion

Pig Latin PSA

ER, Vet Division

Dubstep DJ

Radio Mystery Hour Mayhem

Welcome Back Song

Hot Diggity Date

1-800 Phone Magican

We Need an Answer, Mr. President

Ann Withers Visits a Wedding

Ann "The Librarian" Withers

Is This a Dream

Whats in a Name

Captain Literally, Part 4

Judge Not

Viral Proposal

Waiting in the Sandwich Line

Captain Literally, Part 3

Background Check

Gift Exchange

Papercut PSA

Mona Lisa's Smile

Famous Last Words

Presidential Shoulder Angel

Ugly Cop

Touch Up

The Treatment

Thesis Defense

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Drive-By

Death Bed Repentance

Meant to Do That

Grocery Bag Challenge

Message From Above


Flirting Academy Graduation

Lady Shadow

Jason Bourne Meets Dobby

Graduation Musical Number

Candyland Character Conference

Inner City Speling Bee

Labor Pains

Gandalf Intervention

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Fail


Gollums Internal Struggle

Flip a Coin

Disney Vault Interrogation

Captain Literally, Part 2

The Force Awakens with Darth Sidious' Roomates

The Center for People That YouTube Made Infmous

Protecting the Innocent

Mr. Eckelstone Teaches Drivers Ed

Captain Literally, Part 1

Lobster Bisque

Operation Breakup

Five Day Weather Forecast


Poker Face

Flirting Academy

Facebook Friends Song