St. Crispin's Day Speech

The Entertainment

Excuse Me

18th Century Man's Man

The Amish Go Green

Emergency Pitch Meeting

TMNT Dance

Evil Asides

Spencer Goes to Class

Lord of the Dance

Stage Directions

Metropolitan Boy Scouts

Shakespearean Therapy

Dinner Party

What the France?

Man of Interest

Zombie BBQ

Bashful E-Mail


The Oregon Trail

Weighty Matters

Ms. Frizzle's Performance Review


Evil Memory Lapse


Facebook Philanthropist

Ditching Dobby

Trip to the ER

Generation Gap

Reference Check

James Austin

Shoulder Angel

Shoulder Devil

Shoulder Angel Meets Shawn Bradley

Awkward Eulogy

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Ex-Girlfriend

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Grocery Store

Awkward Avoidance Viking: Gramma's House

The Doorstep: Part 1

The Doorstep: Part 2

Shooting Booth

New Year's Resolution

Bad Timing: The Musical

Bad Extra

ECON 101

State of Mind

While You Were Out

Third Wheel Song

Dana's Dead Tongue Twister

Dead Wedding

Foreign Exchange

Substitute Breakup

How Are You Feeling

Two Truths and a Lie


Everything Sounds Nicer

Prop Switch

Google Translate


Channel Surfing

Lord Voldemort Goes on a Blind Date

Bane's Birthday Party