Matt Meese is a Mormon actor and director. He is the head writer of Studio C, enjoys pie and the thought of gardening. He might be dating Mallory Everton.


Matt was born in New Jersey and grew up in Phoenix. He served a mission in Chicago, then went to BYU and studied psychology. He used to be a member of DC Comics, along with everyone else in Studio C. He then came up with the idea for Studio C and approached Jared Shores. He acts for Studio C and lives with fellow actors Adam Berg and Stacey Harkey.

List of Appearances Edit

Awkward Avoidance, Grocery Store Edit

Captain Literally, and many more Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Matt has had many recurring characters, the most out of all of the Studio C cast.
  • Matt is colorblind. He also has a dog named Bisque, his favorite character in Studio C.

Matt's Relationship Edit

His relationship status is currently unknown.

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