Mafia Edit

The episode is in the first season and includes Adam Berg, Matt Meese, Jeremy Warner, Natalie Madsen, Jason Grey, Stephen Meek, Mallory Everton, and James Perry.

Description (contains spoilers to Sketch) Edit

The cast is at a party while James is talking to everybody to be nice to Jason Grey, a new member in the sketch so they decide to play Mafia. Jason comes in and Whitney makes a remark ("I love being Mafia, their people who get to kill!") which frightens Jason. James passes out the cards and tells whoever is Mafia to not show their card. James then tells everyone to close their eyes and the Mafia to go and "kill" somebody. Jason thinks that the person has to actually kill somebody.

Jason then walks behind Stephen, proceeding to trying to strangle him. Jason succeeds and everyone opens their eyes. Accusations start and Mallory accuses Jeremy. Jeremy then accuses Jason of being Mafia and Jason Hits Jeremy in the back of the head with a glass bottle, knocking him out. Jason then backs out of the room saying "You cant prove anything."

Things you should know Edit

  • Jason accidentally knocked over the lamp in the background behind Mallory.
  • Stephen repeatedly knocked into Mallory and she didn't expect anything.
  • Adam got hit in the face with popcorn and didn't suspect anything.
  • Jason went back to the wrong seat and nobody (But Jeremy) thought anything suspicious about it.
  • This would have never happened if people chose Adam's cards in Apples to Apples.