The Bisque Man Edit

The Bisque Man is totally obsessed with bisque. He is played by James Perry, and debuted in Season 2. He has appeared in a total of 8 different sketches.


Background Edit

The Bisque Man is always talking about Bisque, and how great his 'Bisque-ness' (business) is doing. He thinks he looks super hot, and loves making tons of different types of bisques, and  has made at least 47 types of bisque to date. He is always seen wearing thick glasses, a bow tie, and a trademark tuxedo. The Bisque Man has his own cooking show: 'Cooking Bisque and Other Stuff.' He has yet to share his famous Lobster Bisque recipe though. The Bisque Man's accent is very unusual; he pronounces 'obviously' like 'obveeoussley!' It's very hard to explain.

Appearances Edit

Lobster Bisque


Meet the Bisque Family

Bisque Opporotunities

Cooking Bisque: Holiday Edition