Awkward Avoidance Viking, I Heart Stacey, is a sketch featuring Matt, Mallory, Stacey, Awkward Avoidance Viking, and Awkward Avoidance Viking Awkward Avoidance Vikings... I know, strange.

This sketch takes place in an office where Matt, Mallory, and Stacey work. Matt is signing some papers that Mallory gave him, and then Stacey comes by him. Stacey asks him if he can play volleyball, but Matt informs him that he has to work late. Stacey disappointed walks away, and Mallory swivels around in her chair, her eyes following him. After a few seconds, Mallory turns back to Matt and starts talking to him. She says things like "Oh, he's so cute!" And then proceeds to show him he's her desktop. She starts going crazy at Matt about setting them up, and then Awkward Avoidance Viking appears. Matt nods vigorously in response. As Mallory gets out her blush that has a mirror, she sees the Awkward Avoidance Viking and turns around. The Viking fumbles for a moment and then pretends he's playing the ukelele with his club. Then the Awkward Avoidance Viking Awkward Avoidance Vikings appear, hit Awkward Avoidance Viking and Mallory on the head. Then they disappear.


This sketch was published on June 17, 2013.

You can watch this sketch by clicking this link:

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