The Awkward Avoidance Viking is a recurring character played by Jason Grey, who clubs anyone who makes Matt awkward. He has appeared in 7 sketches.


Background Edit

The awkward avoidance Viking seems to follow Matt Meese, and responds whenever he is in an awkward situation. He also is not the only awkward avoidance Viking as 3 others have been seen in sketches. For example, if things get awkward for The Awkward Avoidance Viking, two other Vikings come, one knocks him out, and the person who sees him do the awkward thing.

In Sketches Edit

Awkward Avoidance, Grocery Store

Awkward Avoidance Viking, I Heart Stacey

Awkward Avoidance Viking, Football

Awkward Avoidance Viking, Class Reunion

Awkward Avoidance, Drive-by

Awkward Avoidance, Grandma's House

Awkward Avoidance, Ex-girlfriend