Awkward Avoidance Viking, Drive-By is a sketch featuring Matt Meese, Mallory Everton, Whitney Call, Jason Grey, James Perry, and Natalie Madsen.

Matt Meese drives and stops at a light on 700 North. A car filled with girls drives up by him, and Matt starts to flirt with them. He keeps driving and stops at 800 North, and the same car with the girls stops right next to him. He asks them if they're following him, and Mallory raises her hand to show a ring on her left ring finger. James leans over from the driver's seat and shows that he also has a ring on the same finger. Matt is shocked and then sees the Awkward Avoidance Viking appear behind their car. He raises his club, and Matt nods desperately. Before he could whack them, they drive off. Awkward Avoidance Viking sprints towards them and jumps into the back of their car. First he knocks out Whitney, then Natalie, then Mallory and finally James. Who all slump over, and makes James veer off course and crash with sounds of glass breaking. Matt puts his sunglasses on and keeps driving, unnoticed.

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