Ann Withers is a character played by Whitney Meek (nee. Call). Ann is a recurring character, which means she appears in many different episodes like the Lobster Bisque Man, Captain Literally, and Awkward Avoidance Viking. Her debut appeared in Season 2 Episode 3 originally aired April 15, 2013. So far she has appeared in 4 episodes, each on Youtube called Ann ("The Librarian") Withers, Ann Withers Goes Door to Door, Ann Withers Visits a Wedding, and Ann Withers Gets Goosebumps.

Personality Edit

Ann is a librarian who is known to pull out books to finish her sentences. Some of these include the Secret Garden ( "You know Matthew, this library is like a Secret Garden for all who enter."), Lonesome Dove ("Forgive my intrusion but you seem like a Lonesome Dove"), and Paradise Lost ( "Life can be difficult when you find Paradise Lost."). Ann is also very flirtatious, flirting with Matt in her debut, Jason in Ann Withers Goes Door to Door, Stephen in Ann Withers Visits a Wedding, and with R.L. Stein in Ann Withers Gets Goosebumps and a awkward aviodance Viking sketch.

Appearance Edit

Ann appears with brown hair usually tied back, purple reading glasses, floral printed shirts,and green jeans. She also walks a certain way with her lower abdomen forwards and her upper abdomen and head behind.

Trivia Edit

  • There was a reference to Ann Withers in the Season 6 episode Studio C Season 50 in which Whitney Meek, after Stephen Meek's death by epileptic seizure, marries R.L. Stein (Played by Matthew Meese) and continuously pulls out books to finish her sentences.
  • She is currently going out with R.L Stine